Concurso Técnico ACIPET: Information about the Technical Competition of the XXI Colombian Congress of Oil, Gas and, Energy

What is it?
The technical-academic competition is the flagship event of the Congress. ACIPET aims to encourage learning, promote academic excellence and, provide a platform for students and professionals in the energy sector to demonstrate their skills in fields such as science, technology, engineering, basic sciences, as well as other disciplines academics.
Over the years, participants compete using their knowledge and skills in specific technical and academic areas. The format chosen to carry out the contest is the presentation of technical works in two modalities: oral presentations and poster.
The Academic Technical Competition has offered the opportunity not only for students and professionals to demonstrate their skills, but also encourage teamwork, creativity and, critical thinking.

ACIPET Alliance – CT&F Science, Technology and Future
This year ACIPET and the CT&F Journal of the Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP) will join forces to provide validation and academic recognition to each of the academic works submitted to the Contest, and, in this way:
• Increase visibility and dissemination
• Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in all sectors of the industry
• Facilitate the fulfillment of essential requirements for advancement in the academic career of many professionals.

By completing the technical Contest with the publication of your Paper Conference in the special indexed issue of the Congress, you will be paying an important way to publish in the indexed magazine of the Colombian Petroleum Institute ICP! Participates!

Would you like more information?

Visit and find out about the themes of the competition, schedule, Strategic Technical Committee, abstract presentation template, instructions, and more. For more information, please write to:

To submit your work, please download the Abstract template, fill it out, and register on the platform by clicking the button: Make Submission