Modeling segregated insitu combustion processes through a vertical displacement model applied to a Colombian field

  • José Julián Guerra Aristizábal TSP Alliance
  • Jorge Luis Grosso Vargas TSP Alliance
Keywords: In-Situ Combustion, segregated combustion, gravity drainage, heavy oil, thermal EOR, Castilla Field, horizontal well


Recently it has been proposed the incorporation of horizontal well technologies in thermal EOR processes like the in situ combustion process (ISC). This has taken to the conception of new recovery mechanisms named here as Segregated In-Situ Combustion processes which are conventional in-situ combustion process with a segregated flow component. Top/Down combustion, Combustion Override Splitproduction Horizontal-well and Toe-to-Heel Air Injection are three of these processes, which incorporate horizontal producers and gravity drainage phenomena. When applied to thick reservoirs a process of this nature could be reasonably modeled under concepts of conventional In-Situ Combustion and Crestal Gas Injection, especially for heavy oils mobile at reservoir conditions. A process of this nature has been studied through an analytic model conceived for the particular conditions of the Castilla Field, a homogeneous thick anticline structure containing high mobility heavy oil which seems to be an excellent candidate for the application of these technologies.


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