Determinación de las direcciones de paleocorrientes en el campo provincia, valle medio del magdalena

  • J.L. RUBIANO Ecopetrol S.A. – Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo, A.A. 4185 Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Keywords: paleocurrents, sediment source area, stratigraphy, tectonics, tectoestratigrafía, Golf Province, through the Magdalena Valley, Colombia, records of dip


For the determination of the palaeocurrent directions in the Provinica Field, were took 2664 measurements of the dipmeter logs were taken to make the statistical analyses of the Formations that are between Umir and the Real Group (Maastrichtian and Miocene age). The palaeocurrent directions are defined based on statistics analyses, as the average (in azimuth) and its consistency ratio (CR). The paleocurrent directions are principally to the northeast for the Umir and the Lower Real Formations; to the east for the Lisama, Esmeraldas, Mugrosa, Colorado and Middle Real Formations, and in the southeast for the Upper Real Formation. In general, there were observed important changes in the palaeocurrent directions between the Umir-Lisama, Lisama-Emeralds, Colorado-Real and between the medium and the upperpartof the Real Group. These changes in the paleocurrent directions suggest to be associated to tectonic events that involved this area.


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