Corrosiveness of biodiesel obtained from different raw materials on gray cast iron

  • José David Castro Grupo de investigación en Corrosión, Tribología y Energía. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Oscar Edwin Piamba Grupo de investigación en Corrosión, Tribología y Energía. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Jhon Jairo Olaya Grupo de investigación en Corrosión, Tribología y Energía. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Keywords: Corrosion, fatty acids, biodiesel


The corrosive effects of biodiesel on gray cast iron at room temperature were studied. Static immersion tests were carried out through gravimetric techniques and in the absence of light, using five raw materials: beef tallow, lard, sunflower oil, soybean oil, and coconut oil. The influence of fatty acids that make up biodiesel was determined through linear regression with data obtained from the corrosion rate. Results show that biodiesels with a higher degree of unsaturated fats in their composition have a more significant effect on the loss of mass in the material, leading to more corrosive processes in gray cast iron.


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