Vol. 12 No. 1 (2022)

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Continuing with our emphasis on highlight research, development and innovation works related to the energy transition and decarbonization, in this new edition of CT&F we are publishing two articles related to renewable energies: one on the evaluation of geothermal potential in the Llanos basin of Colombia and another on the evaluation of the potential use of small wind turbines for electricity production in the region of La Guajira.

Two articles contain environmental topics such as the evaluation of the biodegradability and toxicity to water fleas of the use of scleroglucan as an additive to improve water flooding of crude oil reservoirs and the use of climatological mathematical models to simulate oil spills in environments, using as a case a previous oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Morrosquillo.

An article is directly related to decarbonization and it develops a model of the phenomena that occur during the homogeneous combustion of the gases produced when an oil reservoir is subjected to in situ combustion methods.

Finally, two articles are related to the oil industry; one to the effect of the structure and molecular weight of naphthenic acids extracted from a crude oil on corrosion rate of carbon steel and another on the effect of antenna type on full-wave inversion methods.

Luis Javier Hoyos

Editor CT&F

Published: 2022-06-29

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