Vol. 12 No. 2 (2022)

Picture: Orthophoto acquired by drone of the main crater of the Yerbabuena mud volcano (Department of Bolívar), where it is possible to appreciate recent mudflows that stand out for their bright tones. Credits: Acquisition made in 2018 by Ivan Plata (Ecopetrol S.A. Development Technical Center Management), Christian Osorio (Ecopetrol S.A. Exploration Services Management) and drone management team

In this second edition, volume 12 of CT&F, five articles were published.  An article from the offshore group of Exploration of Ecopetrol studies the geological characterization of mud volcanoes located in the Caribbean area of Colombia and relates it to the sedimentary evolution of this area of interest to explore natural gas.  In another paper, whose authors are from Universidad Central de Venezuela, several crude oils from the Maracaibo basin are characterized, identifying two types of source rocks: marine shale and terrigenous.

A third article proposes a methodology for full-waveform inversion processing based on a synthetic data set, showing how each step of processing affects the results.

From the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and the University of La Rioja, Spain, an article develops a feasibility analysis of using wind energy in Ciudad Juarez, concluding that it is not feasible to install wind turbines in this city.

Finally, an article from the Bursa Udulag compares the performance of two types of cycles; the New European Driving Cycle and the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure, comparing emissions, fuel consumption and power efficiency.


Luis Javier Hoyos

Editorial CT&F

Published: 2022-12-30

Scientific and Technological Research Articles